Painting: Use Color At Home

Color makes it possible to play with volumes and atmospheres. For an aesthetic and homogeneous rendering, the application must be done on a clean, dry and healthy support.

Paint in color

  • The color alone creates the atmosphere of a room.
  • The choice of tint – warm (red, yellow …) and / or cold (green, blue …) – is enough to change the perception of space.
  • It can also be applied as a discrete touch on a single wall to enhance an architectural element or play contrasts with the furniture.
  • It finally makes it possible to conceal the irregularities of the walls.
  • Be careful however to chromatic harmonies.
  • Ready to use, murals come in an almost unlimited choice of shades, thanks to the tinting machines available in all major DIY stores.

Prepare the wall

  • Lightly sand the surface (medium-grit sandpaper), to remove the rough edges.
  • Dust and fill the cracks with the filler if necessary.
  • Paint adheres better on clean support: clean the walls with a damp sponge soaked in Saint Marc’s laundry diluted in water.
  • Rinse with clear water.
  • After drying, apply masking tape to mark the surfaces to be painted (here, skirting boards and cornices remain as they are).
  • Be careful to be careful at the junctions.

Paint the edge and angles of the wall

After mixing well in the jar, pour a little paint into a truck and, using a rechampir brush, start applying it to the bottom of the walls, just above the skirting boards.

Proceed in the same way for the surfaces to be painted at the cornices.